Get organized with The Life Dashboard

The Life Dashboard is an all in one productivity hub that allows you to capture your ideas, tasks, and life.

Based on the Getting Things Done method

The GTD method is a productivity system that helps individuals capture, clarify, organize, review, and execute tasks and projects in a systematic and efficient way.

All-in-one life planner

It takes the task of creating systems out of your way so that you can focus on living a productive and happy life.

Utilizes the Habit Loop

This template utilizes a neurological pattern consisting of a cue, routine, and reward that can be intentionally manipulated to create new habits or modify existing ones.

Capture everything

Create lists, capture ideas, plan projects, schedule tasks and goals, all in your Life Dashboard for Notion.

Effortlessly manage your life

The Life Dashboard will help you stop feeling overwhelmed by all the things on your to do list.

Built in habit builder

Track your interests

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